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Second Coming Of Eva

Eva is a lustful teen emerging from her youth into a world of sexual liberation. After being caught at home masturbating, Eva is sent to an upscale boarding school for a proper education.

While the education may be proper, the recreation is all sex. After watching the others for a while, Eva gathers the courage to join in and when she does, a sexual beast emerges. Watch young Eva as she makes the journey from innocent good girl to cock hungry slut.

Brigitte Maier, Teresa Svenson, Monica Anderson, Kim Frank, Suzy Anderson, Teresa Svensson
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Love Syndrome

Super sex star Harry Reems and the incredibly talented Samantha Fox (Erotic Film Award Actress of the Year) team up in one of the most stunning erotic films to ever delight sex loving adults everywhere.

A hotbed of perversion, lesbianism and startling sex scenes, it’s a fabulous potpourri of sex and it’s all in “The Love Syndrome.” A searing blast of explosive passions… it’ll blow more than your mind!

Samantha Fox, Merle Michaels, Anna Maria, Dolly Parker, Molly Malone, Bobby Astyr, Harry Reems, Jake Warren, John Christopher
Directed by Sam Norvell
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Candy Lips

In her early years, Susan remembers her upsetting home life which she endured until she made her bid for freedom and went to college, frustrated by her broken home, she desperately tries to realign her sensitivity, only to be disrupted time and again by the morality of her recent college atmosphere.

It is sometimes later that Susan meets Gloria, an artist both in her painting & life style who introduces her to new and healthy view of sex. As the film ends, we see that Susan has matured with understanding, and is determined to make her life one of fulfillment and happiness.

April May, Gloria Leonard, Marlene Willoughby, Susanne McBain, Dominita, Jack Teague
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Legend of Lady Blue

A movie for those who still remember their first time… Legend of Lady Blue is an erotic film about real people, Iris and Casey, are childhood sweethearts from a small town in South Dakota, their friend, Shelby, makes up the ill starred trio, who leaves with Casey to join the Marines.

Meanwhile, Iris leaves for Hollywood to chase her dream. Busy pursuing her career, Iris breaks her engagement to Casey, and picks up with an impossible Hollywood agent – Gloria Diamond.

Years later, Casey and Iris meet by chance. Their lives have changed drastically, and perhaps not for the best!

John Leslie, Gloria Leonard, Joey Silvera, Maureen Spring, Eileen Wells, Billy Dee, Richard Pacheco
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The Devil In Miss Jones

“Unique…Surprising…Provocative.” – Playboy
“…Dissolves the distinction between sex films and art films” – Newsweek
“It’s the best Hard-Core porno film I’ve seen…” – Roger Ebert

Frustrated Spinster Justine Jones (the incomparable Georgina Spelvin) has led a boring lonely life. Seeing no other solution, she eventually decides suicide is the only escape from her miserable existence. But instead of blissful ascension into the afterlife, she finds herself in limbo, destined for hell. Miss Jones is offered an opportunity to return to life on earth so that she can truly earn her entrance into eternal damnation. She seizes this second chance by deeply exploring her inner sexual depravity.

Following up his massively successful Deep Throat, director Gerard Damiano unleashed what many regard as the quintessential erotic film. This bold, daring and eye-opening exploration into one women’s sexual dark side exposed the artistic potential of the adult film while maintaining the highest level of eroticism. Remastered, Restored and Reborn.

Georgina Spelvin
Directed by Gerard Damiano
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